About Fausto Torelli

Since I was a little boy I dedicated most of my time to watch movies and built my own toys, that’s when I started to generate my passion for films. I always found amazing the idea to create different worlds and give them a unique identity, that’s why I decided to study Filmmaking. After finishing Audio and visual design, in 2009 I start to work as Art Director in a feature film that was born as my thesis degree that evolve into something bigger than university to become a rewarded film of many film festivals. I travel across Europe visiting as many museums and cities as possible to nourish my eye, I was able to participate in the construction of a stand for a company through Belgium and Netherlands. Then I came back to Buenos Aires decided to gain more experience in films. I made many workshops in carpentry, illustration and art direction (in charge of Sandra Iurcovich), where I discover that I

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didn’t just like to develop and design the esthetic of a film project from the script, I started to carry out those ideas until the making and construction. It was then that I start to collaborate with different set designers and prop makers to unify my two passions: Think of a concept, design it and finally built it. My step advertising opens my way into films, where I finally start to work as a set designer, prop making and props. Nowadays I find a great pleasure and complementation to work on both paths. Every new project it’s a huge challenge that carries me to obtain great experiences and very valuable human bonds that make me grow personally and professionally every day.